A lightbox is the ideal way to advertise your brand. Light boxes are illuminated by fluorescent tubes, so they are inexpensive to run.

It come complete with stunning digitally printed translucent graphics to enhance your message. It is internally illuminated and with opal acrylic or poly-carbonate faces. Light boxes are an extremely flexible format that is custom built to your specifications.

We can supply light boxes in all formats.

  • Slimline edge lit for retail display
  • Double-sided under awning light boxes
  • Wall-mounted light boxes
  • Fex-face illuminated billboards

Not only PrintShop can design and build your light box or illuminated sign. We can install and connect as well using fully licensed electricians. Just give us a call for a free on-site consultation.

Contact one of our consultants today and let them help you create an effective, fully customized light box solution for your business.

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